Peer Pressure Peer pressure is among the major sources of bullying, which can turn otherwise good students into bullies. Very often the child who harasses another partner quickly is cheap franck muller usually surrounded by a band or replica iwc aquatimer group of stalkers which join in a unanimous, gregarious behavior of harassment against the victim. This is due to the lack of an external authority (for example, a teacher, relative, breguet replicas etc..) Impose limits on this type of behavior, projecting an image of the main bully leader about rolex air king replika the rest of their peer followers. Anti-Bullying It is estimated that simultaneous intervention on individual, family and socio-cultural, is the only possible way to prevent bullying. Prevention can be done at different levels. Primary prevention would be the responsibility of parents (commitment to a democratic and authoritarian education) of society as a whole and the media (in the form replica cartier chronoscaph of self-regulation for certain content). Secondary prevention or anti-bullying methods would be to concrete measures on the population at risk, that is, adolescents (primarily to promote vacheron constantin replica a change in attitude towards the need to report cases of bullying but do not become victims of them), and the population directly linked to this, teachers (in the form of training in appropriate skills for conflict prevention and resolution of school). Finally, tertiary prevention measures would help those involved in cases of bullying. Afterschool programs can help combat bullying. There are a number of youth programs throughout Canada, many of which are in Toronto specifically. cheap rolex explorer Conflict Resolution Although the figure of harassment generally open to the concept of denial of conflict to be an underground abuse (even for the victim, as she declared war in secret, never openly), perhaps one could speak of conflict to simplify the approach to the matter. Although conflict may be a part of life and even an engine of progress, under certain conditions can lead to violence. To improve, educational coexistence and violence prevention must be taught to resolve conflicts constructively, ie, thinking, talking and negotiating. A possible method of conflict cheap rolex cosmograph resolution developed in the following steps: ? Properly define the conflict. ? Set goals and what sort of importance. ? Designing possible solutions to conflict. ? Choose the solution that is considered best, and develop a plan to carry it out. ? Implement the chosen solution. ? Assess the results and, if they are not desired, repeat the entire procedure to try to improve them. A good idea might be to go write the different cheap piaget phases of the process, to facilitate its implementation. In programs for the prevention of school violence that are being developed in recent times, including mediation and negotiation as methods of nonviolent conflict resolution. Peer pressure is not always bad; bullies can be peer pressured to stop bullying.