Do you have a Shih Tzu at home? These dogs are not only lovable, but also safe to keep at home. They love to be around kids, and are affectionate towards them. Would you like such an adorable dog stay under unhygienic conditions? Of course not. They should be bathed, washed, brushed and groomed with special care as they knockoff patek philippe have extended and flowing hair. Only a professional pet wash station can groom it the right way so that the hair remains free of tangles.
Trained experts from any dog wash Calgary services will take special care your dog's long and hairy coat. Before taking it to a self serve shop, you should know the right methods of grooming.
Giving Your Shih Tzu the Right Bath
Your favorite pet should be bathed properly. However, there is no need to give it a bath unless the coat is too dirty or the dog is emitting a foul odor. That's why bell ross copies professional pet groomers suggest bathing it once in a week. Good pet care stations have special bath tubs to give it a thorough wash. Your Shih Tzu can be cleansed using a shower too. The water should be lukewarm to make your pet feel comfortable. If you have taken it to any self serve dog wash unit, ask for a non-skid mat so imitation versace that it can be placed on the floor. This will prevent your dog from slipping when wet.
Take Care While Using Shampoo
replica iwc ingenieur Pick out a shampoo as well as a conditioner that suits your pet's coat. Before applying water, make sure to brush the coat properly. Else, tangles and knots will be difficult to remove later. Thereafter, start applying water gently as Shih Tzus prefer being washed tenderly.
After the hair is wet, use mild or diluted shampoo to get rid of the dirt. Make sure the shampoo doesn't get into its eyes or ears. Else your dog will feel irritated, and the bathing experience will not be a pleasing one. Ask for a tear-free shampoo as you will not run the risk of hurting its eyes. Rinse the hair properly so that your dog looks fresh, and is odor free.
Drying Your Pet
After rinsing, apply a conditioner and give it a final wash. A reputed pet care station will always insist on towel drying your Shih Tzu. This is because the hot air from any electric montblanc for sale dryer might make the dog feel uncomfortable, especially if it has sensitive coat.
If it's a puppy, you should wrap it in a soft towel to make it dry. Give it a tender and warm embrace so that it feels cozy. Sometimes, more than fake franck muller conquistador one towel may be required to make its hair completely dry. Once the dog has been thoroughly dried, brush the hair coat again to avoid tangles.
Getting Rid of Tear Stains replica fendi for sale A Shih Tzu's eyes sometimes release tears cheap fendi for sale that stains its face, thus making it look unclean and messy. Areas around the eyes are very sensitive, and therefore, you should use a soft, moist cotton ball to cleanse the stains. Make sure you don't hurt the eyes in doing so. Take assistance of a trained groomer, in case you are not sure.

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