With your kids' college acceptances rolling in, have you thought about what will happen to your dog Sammy when Rachel goes to college in another state or somewhere far enough that she can't frequently visit? After all, Sammy and Rachel practically grew up together, and you know Sammy will be saddened and confused at Rachel's long lapses in appearance. The good news is there are ways cheap audemars piguet for sale to make the transition easier for all concerned. It just requires some thought and preparation. Like humans, dogs can experience big separation anxiety problems. We've all heard the stories of dogs tearing up expensive furniture and decorating the carpets with a wide variety of pee stains while the owners are away��this is just one common manifestation of separation anxiety, among many. You probably already know how Sammy deals with separation as family members come and go on a daily basis (and hopefully he's calm in general about it and not tearing up shoes anymore!) but you don't know exactly how he'll react to Rachel's long-term absence. All you know is that you want to make it as easy on him and the rest of the family as possible! There is No Time Like the Present The best thing you can do in this situation is to slowly prepare Sammy for life with less Rachel. If he spends most of his time with her, sleeps with her, or does activities exclusively with her, you'll need to start shifting these activities to the people who will remain in the household. Try to start doing this as soon as possible. The longer time you have, the slower you can make the transition, and that will make it much easier for Sammy to move forward. For example, if Rachel is the one who always takes Sammy for his before bedtime walk, have another family do it once a week instead at first, then slowly increase the frequency of it until he takes all walks with someone else. If you have lots of time to prepare, you can even start with having that family member accompany Rachel for a while until the leash changes hands. Give him affection and treats during the change that help him to associate the new walking companion with good feelings. Do the same slow transition for other activities he associates with her only, and always associate them with increased warmth and love. The other members of the family should start showing Sammy more attention while Rachel gradually lessens hers. She should stop fawning over him as much and reduce the focused affection she might usually give. It will certainly be hard for her to do, as she might want to give him as much attention as possible before she leaves, but if she understands what's best for Sammy, she'll have to burberry replicas try! It is by far the best way to help Sammy transition. Even with the best of preparation, once Rachel departs for college, Sammy might seem a little depressed. Some dogs will refuse to eat or spend a lot of time waiting by the door or window. Make sure to give Sammy lots of attention, love, and treats to distract him and help him move on. Another good tip is to take him out first in the morning for some brisk exercise. Not only will you get some exercise yourself, but the exercise will liven Sammy up and tire him out so he spends the day relaxing instead of feeling anxious about Rachel. Exercise is good for you because corum replica watches it makes you produce endorphins, which make you feel happier and more alert. The same is true for Sammy! A Few More Tips It's also important to note that the general mood of the household will affect Sammy's mood. He might not be the only one who's depressed by Rachel's absence, and if he senses that everyone is upset, he might be more likely to feel the same. Try to keep things lively and happy in the household. Just like the morning exercise, this will benefit more than just Sammy. Another small thing that might help is to give Sammy an old t-shirt or other piece of clothing from Rachel so that he can keep her scent around for a while. Put it in his crate or the area where he usually relaxes or sleeps. Being able to return to it may give him some comfort. At the end of the day, the only thing that will get Sammy to completely adjust is time (as is true for so many things in replica jaeger lecoultre reverso grande date our lives fake franck muller color of dreams as well). He needs time to adapt to changes in the household dynamic, and though he might mope around for a while, after some buy ferrari time he will be back to his happy-go-lucky self. Hopefully Rachel will be able to visit every now and then, and they'll get to have happy reunions full of cheap u boat lots of hugs and happy licks! Puppy City has been around for over 50 years, we pride ourselves in being the home for quality puppies for sale in Brooklyn, New York. We seiko watches for sale also have all of the supplies you will ever need, from dog food, to wee wee pads, replica rolex daytona to all the treats you will ever need in a lifetime.