Commercially produced costumes tend to be expensive, shoddily constructed and simply inappropriate for an employment setting. Deciding how to handle a work party that requires a costume idea is difficult, and can label someone as lacking team spirit for not dressing up. With a little work and creativity, a appropriate, safe costume idea replica watches piaget is available with normal clothing, some household goods and a few commercially purchased items. breitling cockpit replica Helpful Hints Many commercially produced costumes rely on shock value for sales. These can include incredibly skimpy costumes for women, and inappropriate subject matters for both men and women. Both sexes need to keep professionalism front and center in their minds. Things to avoid include difficult to wear high heels, short skirts, flip-flops, sharp replica christian dior for sale edges, inappropriate tightness and too much blood and gore. Stay away from politically motivated characters, such as the Presidential candidates or Sarah Palin. While these people may be easy to imitate, their use as a costume may prove offensive to co-workers. Keep your costume fun but tasteful. Professional is Key fake ebel For those that would like to take part in Halloween but have meetings throughout the day, some fun but easily removable accessories can be the perfect touch for a costume party. A rainbow or mullet wig is shocking with a traditional business suit, shows the ability to have fun along with strict professionalism when needed. Crazy contacts are available as well, breitling chronomat evolution replica that provide a creepy effect even while the rest of the outfit can be entirely professionally appropriate. Pairing a suit with chicken feet or monster slippers also gives a quick and franck muller master square replica easy addition to normal business wear. Creative offices may be more involved in a potential Halloween or costume event. If this is your situation, keep your professionalism front and center, as it will still be important and watched, even in the midst of a party. Stay away from anything controversial, including making fun of anyone you work with or the company itself. Current events can provide resources for costumes, but stay away from politics or anything particularly offensive. Some easy costume ideas include an animal of your choice, such as a black cat or a dog (with a cone on if you feel like making your costume particularly funny). Stay neutral and keep everything aboveboard; a cowboy is less likely to offend than anything that is racial or political in intent. Office Groups Some companies use Halloween parties to pit one group against the other. Encourage your group to keep imitation iwc things light, and possibly replica alain silberstein still professional. The television show Mad Men inspires many choices, including beautifully tailored costumes that are appropriate and tasteful. Children's books inspire costumes as well, with characters from The Cat in the Hat or My Little Pony. Christmas carolers, characters from The Brady Bunch or other group item can keep things light, fun, relaxed and inclusive. A costume for work during Halloween or other holidays can be easy, fun and creative. Even while keeping entirely professional, a fun costume idea can bring together a group for a fun, relaxed holiday. I'm fake audemars piguet watches a shopaholic with a passion for writing about Halloween costumes for women.