Create a fun and unique cheap maurice lacroix cake topper for any type of celebration cake with minimal materials. These days cake toppers play an important role in any birthday cake--almost as important as the concord replika icing. Cake toppers add another decorative element making the cake. Flat Cake Topper Images: Cake toppers can be flat or stand-up three dimensional, so there are many options in choosing an appropriate cake patek philippe watches for sale topper for any celebration cake. To make a fat cake topper, choose the desired image first. Print the image and cut it out. Tape the image onto a piece of cardboard and cheap alain silberstein for sale tape wax paper over it. Using the outline of this image, trace the icing on the wax paper. Be sure to use a number 5 tip pen or smaller in this exercise. The topper will need a few days to dry and harden before peeling it off of the wax paper and placing it on the cake. This is an intricate process, so take your time and do it right. Three Dimensional Cake Toppers: The theme of the party will determine the type of cake topper used for the festivity. Simple birthday cake toppers can be made using various sized craft sticks. Take the desired craft stick, glue two pieces of paper on the upper part of the craft stick. Print out happy birthday, the celebrants name, the age of fake rolex pearlmaster the celebrant, pictures and anything else out. hermes clone Once printed, tape the images on the craft stick zenith for sale and place cheap breitling in the cake. Take the cake topper to the next level with feather, curling ribbon, beads, and various arts & crafts materials. Simple age or number cake toppers can be designed by first printing and cutting out numbers on card stock paper. Tape a needle or toothpicks on the back of the numbers and stick them into the cake. Decorate the numbers with beads (glue on), glitter and other decorative elements. When using glitter, ensure the glitter is completely dry before placing the cake topper on the cheap girard perregaux cake because nobody wants glitter on the cake (unless its edible glitter). Cake toppers can be anything the party host or celebrant makes them. Creating one's own cake topper will ensure that the cake topper is one-of-a-kind and not a mass produced cake topper commonly found. Cake toppers are just one of the many homemade party supplies and decorations that can be made for a party. Homemade party decoration and supplies are fun to make and will receive plenty of compliments surely. Mrs. Party... Gail Leino gives her two cents worth on fashion and entertaining. Plus, she generously provides information on free printable party invitations, activities, menus, recipes, party favors, decorations and party supplies. Creative tips and ideas including party conversation starters, theme music and movie song lists to match any theme celebration.